Pictures from Hackorama/People's tournament 2008

Hackorama 2008 Hackorama 2008 Hackorama 2008 Hackorama 2008

If you have more pictures from Hackorama this year and don't mind getting them up here, please email me and let me know so we can arrange uploads, or email the picture(s) directly.

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Bjornie and Pratt
With 2 of the groups biggest stars M I A , does the group have a chance to servive and thrive?
Our loss is Norways gain
the same for San Diego
Maybe the stork , froglegged Zeus and Rickie L will all make a comeback!!
If Juni can clone himself
if the Rastaman were here to cheer them on
if we lose those weak yellow balls perhaps
If we can summon Kenny back from retirement?

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